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VJ-Type is an independent foundry based in Paris. Its mission is to design strong, distinctive typefaces. Born out of the design studio "Violaine & Jérémy" founded by creative partners Orsoni and Schneider, VJ-Type is an extension of their artistic and sensitive territory. The foundry's work is essentially guided by their irrepressible inclination for an expressive, elegant and impeccably balanced aesthetic.

[email protected]

61 rue de Lancry
75010 Paris

You can do almost everything with our classic license available on the website.
Only 2 exceptions would need a dedicated license :

  • Logotype design
  • TV/Plateform/Cinema broadcasting

4 levels of classic licensing, desktop and web all together, to make it clear and simple.

Independant worker

This license is made for independant workers only. If you are a company, this level of license isn’t for you. With this FREELANCER license, you can install the font on 1 computer only.


This is the smallest option available for companies. With this SMALL license, you can install the font on up to 5 computers which are within the same physical workplace.


With this MEDIUM license, you can install the font on up to 10 computers which are within the same physical workplace.


With this LARGE license, you can install the font on up to 20 computers which are within the same physical workplace.

See our full EULA here

Our fonts are designed with a strong sense of artistic gesture, that’s what makes them very well suited for logo design. Specific license is mandatory to use them as/in a brand logo.

Branding license (logotype) is a one-time fee for 1 brand. It's unlimited in time and commercial use is included (for the brand which acquires the license).

The fee is determined by the size of the company :

  • independent worker, no retail products, service only, fee is 800 euros.
  • companies up to 4 employees, fee is 2000 euros.
  • companies up to 10 employees, fee is 3000 euros.
  • companies up to 20 employees, fee is 4500 euros.
  • companies up to 50 employees, fee is 7300 euros.
  • companies up to 70 employees, fee is 10500 euros.
  • if your company is part of a group, please contact us at [email protected]

When you purchase a licence for one of our fonts, you receive Desktop and Web font files.

  • .otf for Desktop
  • .eot, .woff and .woff2 for Web

Each font contains all the glyphs, alternates and ligatures you can see in the specimen or the typetester.

If one of the fonts that you have licensed in the past receives an update, don’t hesitate to ask for it, free of charge. Send us an email with your order number and invoice and will send you the update.

We have a no refund policy because once you have downloaded the font file, we have no way to verify if you deleted it or not.

According to the French act signed on 1997, May 20th: the client can not get a refund for the purchase of downloadable products (Fonts) on the Internet.

We don’t have special prices dedicated to students. The reason why is very basic : 

The process of handling requests for student discounts by checking student IDs and creating discount codes would take too much time for a small structure like ours.

You can type any text, glyph, alternate and ligature into the typetester to see how the font would look like. You can also download any specimens to discover the full glyphset.