At the studio (Violaine & Jérémy), we took the habit of designing custom fonts for the graphic design projects we work on. We enjoy it, your network enjoys it, so here is our type foundry. We design fonts like we would design everything else: with our own artistic gesture and sensibility. We clearly focus on drawing strong and peculiar fonts. For sure you won’t find many weight variants but you will find many glyph alternates ! That’s our thing.

If you want to be the happy owner of your own custom type (designed by the studio), please contact us at:


We know some of you will ask for trials but for many reasons, we don’t offer that possibility.
You can type any text into the website to see what the fonts would look like.
You can also download any specimens to discover all the glyph set.


4 levels of licensing, desktop and web all together, to make it clear and simple for everyone (including us). Enjoy and please be respectful of our work by purchasing the correct license.

Above 20 computers, please contact us for a specific license.


Our fonts are designed with a strong sense of artistic gesture.
That’s what makes them very well suited for logo design.
But you would need a specific license to use our fonts as/in a brand logo.
Please contact us for this specific usage license.